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Drop-A-Sleep | 300mg

Take these drops and grab your blanket. You can expect to wake up well rested, fresh and ready to go in the morning! Infused with 300 mg of Hemp Extracts



Earth Milk’s ‘Drop-A-Sleep’ tincture is a unique Sleep Aid offering a balanced combination of Hemp Extracts, chamomile flowers, hops, brandy and yucca root. Experience the calming, soothing and sleep promoting benefits of chamomile flowers and the pain and stress relieving qualities of hops, plus the cognition and immunity boosting effects of yucca root. You can expect to wake up well rested, fresh and ready to go in the morning.


Start with one dropper full, mix with water. Store in a cool place.


  • Sleep and sedative inducing properties
  • Reduces pain
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Immune boosting qualities
  • Improves cognitive abilities

Ingredients :

  • Hemp Extracts: Reduces wrinkles, supports the immune system, slows inflammation and eases pain.
  • Brandy-based Herbal Tincture : 
    • Brandy : The natural depressant qualities of brandy is one reason it is often suggested in preparation for sleep. Brandy has soothing, warming, and relaxing qualities that can help induce healthy, restful sleep.
    • Chamomille : Used for centuries to expedite healing of wounds, chamomile has numerous health-boosting benefits.
    • Hops : Common applications of hops is as an analgesic substance. It can provide general sedative qualities, and is why many who suffer from chronic pain have used it in the past. Hops can help settle stormy minds and calm the body and is often used by people suffering from anxiety and mood swings.
    • Yucca root : The resveratrol and saponins (chemical compounds) in yucca root have been directly linked to anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, making it a very good natural treatment for inflammation issues, particularly arthritis.

Certificate of Analysis :

We at Earth Milk make sure to supply our ingredients from premium sources in order to ensure the highest quality of our products. A third party laboratory (SCLABS) analyses our products to make sure it contains the right amount of Hemp Extract and a marginal amount of THC (full spectrum cannabinoid profiling and analysis utilizing high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC/UV)). It also screens for fungal, bacterial contamination, pesticide and fungicide residue.

You can download or view the detailed certificate of analysis for our Drop A Sleep at the following address : SCLABS Drop A Sleep COA

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